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Essentials of Cybersecurity

Protect yourself from cyber attack

About this course

With inputs from AWWA, this course has been contextualised to provide participants with a basic understanding of the common cyber threats faced by internet users from the Social Service sector and the measures they can take to minimise their exposure to such threats.

Course Access Period

Please note that this is an online self-paced asynchronous course delivered via the Gnowbe platform. Learners will be granted two months of access from the enrolment date. Do also note that the course tile may take up to 48 hours to show up on your dashboard after purchase, and your access will start after it has been made accessible.

What you will learn

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define what information security is
  • Describe the CIA triad to understand the various aspects of information security
  • Identify the various cyber risks when using the internet
  • Explain the cybersecurity measures that are available to protect oneself from cyber risks
  • Recognize these cybersecurity measures under different scenarios
  • Distinguish scenarios where cybersecurity may be compromised
  • Illustrate how the various cyber hygiene measures are important for cyber wellness and safety
  • Apply the appropriate cyber hygiene measures to protect oneself from the various cyber threats
  • Start: Available Now
  • Length: 3 hours
  • Fee: S$23.98 (including GST)
  • Subject: Cybersecurity
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Gnowbe


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Target Learners: AWWA staff