A Caregiver’s Journey

15/05/2021  |  By: UniLEARN

Nothing prepares you to be a caregiver

Every caregiver’s situation is unique. But for most people, caregiving happens unexpectedly. A loved one, often an elderly parent or a spouse, becomes chronically ill and the caregiving role is thrust upon you. You do the best you can to learn about your loved one’s illness or disability and how to care for it. You feel unprepared and uninformed, worried that you aren’t doing a good job. There’s always something more to be done, especially if your loved one requires round-the-clock care and commitment. You grapple with feelings of anxiety, worry, anger, resentment, guilt, and grief as you try to fit in your job and family. All this can take a physical and emotional toll on you.

Allow time in your day to educate yourself

You won’t find a single resource that can tell you everything you need to know about caregiving. But these bite-sized courses, developed by compassionate and trained professionals from HCA Hospice Care, can serve as a companion as you navigate caregiving. With just enough information so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Medical Essentials equips you with the skills to recognise and manage common symptoms. Nursing Essentials offers hands-on guidance on the daily grind like feeding and bathing. End-of-Life Essentials helps you understand what to expect and how to plan as your loved one’s condition progresses to final stages. And don’t forget yourself. Learn about caregiver burnout, mindfulness, and support services in Self-Care Essentials. Join the online forum to seek out other caregivers who have been there and know exactly what you are going through. It helps to know you’re not alone!

“The road is rough, but these courses can help smooth your caregiving journey”

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