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AECES Code of Ethics


About this course

This blended course on Code of Ethics provides detailed explanation of the standards which early Childhood Practitioners should abide by; and as early Childhood Educators, we have the responsibility to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in our practice.

In our daily practice, we are often faced with meeting various responsibilities and obligations relating to different stakeholders - children, families, the community, the profession and our employers. Sometimes, we find ourselves deliberating on the responsibility we should address first. At other times, we could be faced with an ethical dilemma when two responsibilities / obligations are in conflict where a situation does not lend itself to an obvious solution.

The Code of Ethics provides guidance especially when responsibilities and obligations are in conflict. We encourage you to use the Code of Ethics as a point of reference for professional discussions with colleagues and as a reference to resolve ethical dilemmas faced in your daily practice.

What you will learn

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the core values that form the foundation upon which early Childhood Practitioners practice
  • Identify the ethical responsibilities and obligations of early Childhood Practitioners
  • Develop an awareness of the process of working through an ethical dilemma

Course Writer/Instructor

Instructor Course Staff

Course Staff
Association for Early Childhood Educators (AECES)
Founder and President

Dr Christine Chen is the founder and president of the Association for Early Childhood Educators (AECES). Her first work experience in Singapore was in the company sponsored child care centre for factory workers’ children, where she learnt about the importance of having qualified teachers to ensure quality education for all children.

As a result, she ... initiated the Association to advocate for teacher development, continuous learning and career pathways. She has been advocating for professional development and learning for early childhood educators for 25 years.

Instructor Course Staff

Course Staff
AECES Professional Development Committee

Dr Chong Har Tshin worked in the Education Ministry for 30 years in classroom teaching, curriculum planning and development, pre-school programmes and policy reviews. She has been an Early Childhood Education consultant and teacher trainer since 2009. With her experiences in pre-school policy reviews and programme implementation, she understands the needs for changing policies and programmes at the macro level.

Her recent work ... with the UniSIM teacher training, research and practicum supervision, the FLAiR programme, the PlayMaker project and the MOE/MTL framework, has given her opportunities to learn about the policy and programme implementation issues at the ground level. Being the chairperson of the AECES Professional Development Committee, she advocates in teachers’ continuous learning to provide the best experiences for children and the overall quality of child learning.

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  • Length: 4 hours
  • Fee: N.A.
  • Course Provider: AECES
  • Subject: Early Childhood Education
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Open edX


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