Restaurant of Mistaken Orders – Seniors at your Service

Fancy a restaurant where you are served food you didn’t order? And your fellow diners are perfectly fine with such mix-ups? Welcome to the Restaurant of Mistaken Orders! Be inspired by Wada-san’s passionate sharing on how individuals with dementia can find dignity and meaning at work – an environment where mistakes are accepted and even celebrated. This unique restaurant in Japan hires individuals with dementia as waiters and support staff, strongly challenging societal biases whilst advocating inclusiveness and empathy for those stricken with such conditions.
Instructor Course Staff

Yukio Wada

Board Chairman

Restaurant of Mistaken Orders (Japan)

As someone deeply passionate about caring for individuals with dementia, Yukio Wada is the Board Chairman of The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders. He is also a pioneer who has spent over 30 years running a home-based group made up of dementia patients who are encouraged to lead independent lives.

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