Launch of the SUSS UniLEARN-Temasek Foundation Grant

25/08/2022  |  By: UniLEARN

The accelerating speed of digital transformation in Singapore has given rise to an increasing demand for e-learning, and Temasek Foundation is partnering SUSS to equip non-profit organisations with digital capabilities and versatility to advance social and community causes.

This objective of the SUSS UniLEARN – Temasek Foundation Grant is to help community partners develop e-learning courses to meet their needs and those of their target audiences.

Eligibility Criteria

The Grant is open to non-profit organisations focusing on any of the areas below:

  1. Mental wellness at workplaces/schools/families/community
  2. Community healthcare e.g. caregiving of the vulnerable/disadvantaged
  3. Sector capability e.g. fundraising, non-profit management
  4. Community engagement e.g. volunteerism, first responder/befriender/advocacy
  5. not covered in the above categories

Organisations that align with the outlined scope are invited to apply for the Grant.

Funding Information

Successful applicants will benefit from SUSS UniLEARN’s expertise in e-learning and andragogy in co-developing their online course, as well as receive a subsidy to defray the costs required for online course delivery.


For further details or expression of interest in the SUSS UniLEARN-Temasek Foundation Grant, please reach out to the UniLEARN team at