Correctional Landscape and Rehabilitation Approaches

26/01/2023  |  By: UniLEARN

The Singapore After-Care Association (SACA) upholds an instrumental role in empowering ex-offenders to reintegrate into the society. They are concurrently advocating for a shift towards the societal acceptance of these people who are seeking to build renewed stability and progress in their lives.

Together with SUSS UniLEARN, SACA has been developing a series of e-courses targeted at the rehabilitation and befriending of the ex-offenders.

In their efforts to shed light on the ex-offender’s journey, SACA and SUSS UniLEARN have recently co-launched another e-course titled “Correctional Landscape and Rehabilitation Approaches”.

This e-course will take the participant through a broad overview of Singapore’s criminal justice system and patently present the rehabilitation and correctional approaches commonly practised here.

Target audience for “Correctional Landscape and Rehabilitation Approaches” includes:

  • Professionals,
  • Volunteers,
  • Corrections Officer and;
  • Any other personnel who work with offenders and ex-offenders

Further details on this new e-course may be found below: